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Phables (ISSN 2375-947X) exhibits and explores the human experience as embodied in the creative work of artists, musicians, writers, and thinkers from within or outside of any tradition or background. We value those aspects of human life that resonate with people in ways that evade straightforward expression. We are interested in how people experience their lives, how they see (or do not see) unity among the diverse happenings of their lives, how they find meaning, how they experience interaction with others, and how they choose to express whatever compels them to express themselves. We give voice to the ineffable experiences of human life.


Call for Materials

Phables accepts:

  • Visual arts (painting, sculpture, installation art, photography, film, etc.)
  • Auditory arts (music, soundscapes, sound art, etc.)
  • Creative writing (creative nonfiction, fiction, flash fiction, poetry, etc.)
  • Conceptual art
  • Anything else that does not fit inside a category.

We are all-inclusive regarding the kinds of works accepted for submission. We do not want to limit people to any specific form of expression. We are interested in novelty as well as tradition.



Phables invites submissions that are not currently under consideration or published elsewhere, either in print or in electronic format. Phables, at this time, only accepts completed work.

We do not offer feedback on work in progress. In order for materials to be considered for publication, Phables requires the following:

Electronic copies of all materials, with no identifying information within the materials themselves, should be submitted below. For works of writing, please send Word documents when possible.

Cover Letter
Please Please prepare a separate cover letter, which will be submitted through a text box.

Submission Deadline
July 6 2018




Production of Phables is under the aegis of the Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics and its copyright conditions. Phables does not charge authors publications fees. Accessing all issues of Phables is free and open to the public.

Acquisitions Editor

Cody Hatfield-Myers, BA
PhD Student in Philosophy
University of Illinois at Chicago

Acquisitions Editor

James O'Dea, BA
Graduate Student
University of Michigan-Flint

Acquisitions Editor

Luke Stilgenbauer
Graduate Research Assistant
Wayne State University