Volume 1, Issue 2

Justin Donhauser
Western University

Keywords: Climate Refugees, Climate Adaptation, Refugee Justice, Weather Event Attribution
Citation: . "How New Climate Science and Policy Can Help Climate Refugees." Journal of Ethical Urban Living 1 (2): 1–21.

Joseph Dunne
The University of Michigan–Dearborn

Keywords: Religion, Religious Belief(s), Conscience, Conscientious Objection(s), Legal Exemption(s), Evidence
Citation: . "Religious Conscientious Objections and Insulation from Evidence." Journal of Ethical Urban Living 1 (2): 23–40.

John Scott Gray
Ferris State University

Paul Zube
Ferris State University

Keywords: Ethics, Social Media, Ghost Writing, Branding, Authenticity
Citation: . "Authenticity in the Digital Age of Social Media." Journal of Ethical Urban Living 1 (2): 41–49.

Jared Mayer
Johns Hopkins University

Keywords: Virtue Ethics, Practical Reasoning, Aristotle, Wittgenstein
Citation: . "Having One Without the Other: An Account of Loosely Bound Virtue." Journal of Ethical Urban Living 1 (2): 51–65.

Kerry Ellen O’Neill
Carleton University

Keywords: Safe Water, Human Rights, Women, Labour
Citation: . "Gendered Labour Divisions and a Reconception of the Right to Water." Journal of Ethical Urban Living 1 (2): 67–88.

Peter Brian Rose-Barry
Saginaw Valley State University

Keywords: Torture, Self-Defense, Deontology, Kantian Ethics, Human Rights
Citation: . "The (Non-Consequentialist) Ethics of Defensive Torture." Journal of Ethical Urban Living 1 (2): 89–110.


Volume 1, Issue 1

Joseph Dole

Keywords: Testimonial Injustice, Miranda Fricker, Epistemic Harm, Bias, Prisons, Incarceration
Citation: . "The Name Game: Testimonial Injustice against People Incarcerated at Stateville Prison." Journal of Ethical Urban Living 1 (1): 1–18.

Louiza Duncker
The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Keywords: Clean Water, Sanitation, User Perceptions, Appropriate Technology, Participative Decision Making
Citation: . "The Effect of Consumer Expectations and Perceptions Regarding Sanitation on Access to Clean Water." Journal of Ethical Urban Living 1 (1): 19–36.