Advisory Board

The Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics is continuing to build its advisory board. The role of the advisory board is to assist our editorial team through providing feedback on current and past issues, recommending reviewers, and/or topics for special issues and promoting the journal, when possible, at conferences and with colleagues.


Charles E. M. Dunlop
David M. French Professor Emeritus and
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
University of Michigan-Flint

Chris Haufe 
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Case Western Reserve University

Bernard Kobes
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Arizona State University


Janet M. Levin
Associate Professor of Philosophy
University of Southern California

Elizabeth Schechter
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Washington University in St. Louis


Managing Editor

Jami L Anderson
Associate Professor
University of Michigan-Flint

Review Editor

Simon Cushing
Associate Professor
University of Michigan-Flint

Production Editor

Zea Miller 
Doctoral Student
Purdue University

Associate Editors

Jawad Shah, M.D. 
Insight Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience

Bénédicte Veillet
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan-Flint

Stevens F Wandmacher
University of Michigan-Flint


Copyright and Reproduction Rights

Thanks to the generosity of the Philosophy Department at the University of Michigan-Flint, in support our commitment to open access publications, the Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics (JCN) does not charge copyright or reprint permission fees for:

  • Authors to republish or replicate all or parts of their own work in either a non-profit or a for-profit venue.
  • Authors to republish their work for educational purposes, for example, on an online course site or for use in a classroom setting.
  • The reproduction of copies of the article for personal use.
  • Republication of material published in this journal in any venue by parties who are not the authors of the material.
  • Photocopying of multiple copies of an article by a party other than the author.

Authors are required to acknowledge the JCN in any republication or reproduction of their work.

Please contact the JCN for permissions or if your question about permissions has not been answered by emailing anderson@cognethic.org.