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Ethics and the Brain

Dignity, Reason and the Dementing Brain

Frances Bottenberg

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Neuroscience Should Change How We View and Treat Patients with Consciousness Disorders

Matthew Braddock

University of Tennessee at Martin

Two Kinds of Brain Injury in Sport

Jeffrey Fry

Ball State University

A Neuroethics of Emergence through BCIs (Brain Computer Interfaces) and Cloudminds

Melanie Swan

New School for Social Research

The Necessity of Moral Reasoning

Leland Saunders

Seattle Pacific University

Naturalized Virtue Ethics and the Neuroscience of Self-Control

Matthew Childers

University of Iowa

Smith’s Internalism Meets Dual-Process Models of Moral Judgment

Brendan Cline

University at Buffalo, SUNY

The Ethics of Memory Manipulation

Eastern Michigan University

Christine Mehuron

Enhanced Performance: What's the Point?

Jay Spitzley

Florida State University

The Influence of Feeling Rules In Mental Healthcare

Rachel Amoroso

Florida State University

Understanding without caring: the role of affect in empathy

Heather Adair

University of Maryland

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Later Event: November 11
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