Our Projects


Ethics and the Brain

The progress of neuroscience has raised difficult questions about choice, free will and moral responsibility. We explore belief formation and action concerns moral and ethical responsibility, issues which in turn poses significant challenges to justifications for legal responsibility, state punishment and current penological practices ad policies. CCN brings together experts from philosophy, social and natural sciences, the law and policy planning to explore the complex relationship between what research is telling us about how humans work, and the assumptions founding social policy and law.

Ethical Urban Living

Social policies and legal institutions have a dramatic effect on the way we are able to live our lives, from quality of water, air and food issues to employment, educational and cultural opportunities and experiences; from matters of public and private health, safety and security to the expression of justice, liberty and freedom. Situated in Flint, MI, CCN and The Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village take seriously the role policy decisions, both historical and current, have dramatically shaped and controlled the lives of individuals living in urban settings. We bring together researchers, academics and scholars as well as therapists, clinicians, policy-makers and educators to discover and implement social policies that will realize fairer, more just, and more equitable opportunities for all who live together in modern urban environments.